is there nothing we can do?

oh, now there’s only one kind of love that lasts.
that’s unrequited love. it stays with you forever.
– woody allen –

they said only change that was permanent and feeling, it could expire but i guess few things remain. like you. you still provide enough reasons for tears to fall down and smiles to spread across my face. for an unexplainable weigh on my chest and sudden giggle of relieve after. for the growing bubble of affection and excitement. but never had they run in balance with each other. unfortunately.


6 thoughts on “is there nothing we can do?

  1. aku aku aku… kok agak berkaca-kaca ya baca ini…hukhuk…
    oh, ternyata ada yang ngiris bawang d sebelah *mengelak yang tak lucu :p

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