apart from the fact that i just halfheartedly enjoy my daily occupation, i do prize several values embedded to the profession such as sincerity, clarity and discipline of verification. oh, i must have sound like mr. kovach, it’s my bad. i couldn’t even describe each point correctly except that they are very, very hard to capitalize. allow me to elaborate, just in general.

i believe that journalists shouldn’t represent any motivations but to inform clear and balanced facts despite the mission of the news outlet they are reporting for. i believe in the profession, not in the huge name printed on the front page. yes, it is hard both in theory and in practice. obviously.

there’s always agenda. diction is highly political; word has soul and each reflects its picker’s ideal. let me provide myself as an example. being an assistant working at a foreign media that’s perceived as ultra-rightist in its origin country, i have no idea which flag i should hoist although most of the time i just want to burn all those flags down. “yeah, right!” to all those national, regional, global interests things; those food and economy security things; those freedom of navigation issues. *transform into gozira*

don’t forget the meanings that are lost in layers of translation. i try to translate every statement, every release, every news report in the most verbatim manner as possible. still i can’t help to avoid misunderstanding and to prevent my bureau chiefs from having their own outlines or making premature conclusion; which happen a lot. what once was clear then distorted. this is actually the reason for this post.

i also believe that the core of this job is to make connection. with human. between the dots. a journalist should be able to present her/himself adaptable to any occasion. they should be down to earth but not cheap. they should be graceful when making conclusion. i remember that i was taught to be proud, to be “arrogant” (i love this piece for reiterating journalist’s cockiness). i have to own a lot of resources. i should read more books on more subjects than others. i should be able to make deep analysis in short. i should be this and that.

i didn’t do that much. too lazy.

this job, i know like other jobs, is exhausting. i’ve lost count of how many times i think about getting other profession. painter, baker, tailor, florist, mosque caretaker, drug dealer, people smuggler; any odd jobs available. anyone?


2 thoughts on “elementum

  1. heeiii shinta … call me if you do that any odd jobs that you mention above 😀
    maybe we could make a joint venture … you do bakery, and i sell drugs in every cookies you bake … i think that’s really interesting … hihihi

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